WEEK 12 – Activity – One More Time

 This week I wanted to learn more about graffiti stencils. I didn’t know much about stencils but in the back of my mind I always considered a stencil easier than freehand graffiti art because you don’t have to worry about control the paint as much. It was actually a lot more work than I expected. First, I watched several videos on how to create a stencil and also how to overlay stencils. Overlapping stencils blends one or more colors together and adding dimension.This class has sparked my interest specifically with pop artist such as Lichtenstein, Kelly and Warhol. Pop art is shaped by modern media and culture. I love Lichtenstein’s work because the romantic and heartbroken characteristics of  his work. Maybe it’s because of events that are taking place in my personal life that are influencing my appreciation of Liechtenstein. Unlike Lichtenstein, my first impression of Warhol was ‘empty’; I felt like there was no meaning or purpose to his work. A lack of depth. His technique for producing his work, however, caught my attention. Warhol used the silkscreen technique for his celebrity portrait series. Instead of celebrities, I chose the 2016 political candidates as my inspiration and instead of silkscreen as my technique, I used spray paint. My goal was to create a similar effect that warhol was able to achieve through silkscreening celebrities. I chose these political candidate because this is what our mass media today is consumed by.




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