Think over the 11 activities we’ve done:

  1. List your *3 Favorite* Activities and say a few words about why you liked them.

My three favorite ARTivities were:

  1. Graffiti Writing
    : Trying graffiti art was awesome for because it combined so many things I already liked. I love the culture of graffiti and how you are able to meet many other artists. I like traveling and finding unique spots to graffiti, often in nature. Mix nature, people and art and boom you have this mysterious, rebellious art. I chose to do my 12th activity on pop art graffiti — an influence from my first and second favorite activity…
  2. Art Museum Visit: I thoroughly enjoyed spending a day at The Broad. That day has inspired me to continue to explore more art museums. Having an advantage of having my Professor  and classmates with me for The Broad encouraged me to view the art in various perspectives I would not have thought of on my own. I also loved being able to see Koons, Kelly and Lichtenstein work; names that I will now always remember. This proves that this activity was not only enjoyable but also successfully educational.
  3. Finally, Landscape with a Corpse: was my third favorite activity. I loved doing this one and loved looking at everyone else’s work. Everyone was so creative and unique. I loved the concept of morbidity mixed with romance couture. This piece  really opened my eyes to analyze art in a new way. My definition of art has expanded over the course of the class.
  1. List your *3 Least Favorite* Activities and say a few words about why they were less successful
  1. One of my least favorite activities was the cuisine. I attempted to make pokemon themed cookies and failed horrible.If I could go back I would have maybe picked couture instead and had photographs of couture dressed models doing day to day activities like: mowing the lawn, walking to class, reading in the library. I want to be able to capture the models completely out of place. I enjoyed all of the other activities.
  1. You can also LMK what you thought of Slack. Better than BeachBoard? Easier? Harder? Better on mobile? Unnecessary?

Slack is easier to use on your phone than beachboard. My computer is a piece of crap so I use my phone for everything. The flexibility of being able to use both slack and wordpress on my phone was very convenient and appreciated. Being able to see each week of grades all together is something that you can only find on beachboard but the weekly slack messages from the professor are very helpful. 1) it forces you and the professor to have a 1 on 1 interaction, providing an opportunity for any student/teacher concerns/questions. 2) It keeps you aware of your grade without having to look it up (thank you). 








How useful were Art Activities, Art Talk, Artist OTW? Good parts? Bad parts? Any ideas to make them better?

         I really enjoyed this class. I loved the activities. The art talks and Artist OTW were all very informational. They all contributed to my knowledge of art and how to deeply analyze art. I loved how we learned about new and old artists. Some of my favorite artists were Marina Abramović, Lady Pink and Mahsa Soroudi. The discussions were a subtle way to encourage us to research and discuss the artists. I loved this compared to the typical beachboard discussion. It was way more interactive and exciting. Again, being able to access it on my phone was very convenient.

         The art activities were cool because it shows that you do not have to be in a studio or at school in an art class to create art. We can do it with random crap we have lying around the house or a quick stop at a trendy local art store you didn’t know existed until now. This is the perfect summer course because it doesn’t feel like stressful work ex:(study, notes, lectures). The lecture lengths are another important thing I LOVED. They were short and to the point. Keeping them at or around 20 minutes made it easy to keep up with.This is a problem with other online classes. Professors try to post 4 hour lectures (This is not an exaggeration. I had to do this for my other summer class POSC 100) and expect students to watch it all. A lot of student don’t and then that limits the online discussion fo those you did and did not watch the entire lecture. Professor Zucman’s videos were full or information and left room for the student to learn more in the Slack discussions.


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