Week 11 – ACTIVITY – Wall Hanging

This week was just another reminder that art is creating using several types of mediums such as technology, physical action, photography and even wall hangings or a large decorative piece of fabric or other material to be hung on the wall of a room. Wall hangings are categorized as decorative art which are arts affiliated with
design such as architecture or interior design. Wall hangings such as tapestries have been dated back to the Greek and Romans who used them as wall coverings. I was inspired by some photos I found by researching the piece and I knew I wanted to incorporate the persian ‘evil eye’. This decorative eye has been an ongoing symbol in my life since I was a child. I remember seeing them in the Bazars when I would visit Iran and we always had a couple hanging in our house. The eye is typically hung above or near a door to keep you safe from intruders.

I was able to stop bya local craft store and purchase all my materials: beads, yarn, yarn, more yarn, random stick (they sell these?! Who knew.), and feathers — all white. I started by measure out an appropriate length and cut several pieces of yarn at one time and then followed by tieing them in even knots onto the wood pole. I hung the wooden rode up on
my window and cut the bottom of the yarn horizontally until the bottom was even. I then tied the beads onto a separate measure out piece of string and then attached that string to the wood pole. Finally, I added more beads and feathers for more texture. I wanted to achieve a light, whimsical almost angelic feel with the sun shining through and the pure white color. I tied the blue evil eye in the center as the focus of the piece. I now have it hung on my window to my apartment from undesired intruders.


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