WEEK 9 – Artists of the Week – Kat Von D and Guy Tang

Guy Tang and Other Body Artists


Played a role more in popular art rather that academic art. He works in Hollywood as a hair stylist. He is currently not taking any more new clients and has focused on teaching his skills to other stylists. In an interview he tells us that his largest inspiration is Pop Culture and strives to “make beauty out of madness”: I also follow Tang on Instagram along with 1.5 MILLION other followers. Each video has at least 150,000 views and the photos have around 50,000 likes. Interesting how social media is used as his personal gallery. No need to pay for a studio or have salons all over the world. Just post it on Instagram and hundreds of thousands of people will see your work in seconds. Also popular on Instagram are nail artists like Karen Gutierrez and Lexi Martone. It has become a popular trend to see tutorials for makeup, hair and nails.


Kat Von D and Tattoo Culture in Other Countries

Kat-Von-D--Latina-Magazine--05.jpgVon D is most well known for her work as a tattoo artist. She gained popularity from her reality television show, LA Ink but has not shifted her focus as a makeup artist. She has 4.2 million followers on Instagram. Unfortunately, the culture surrounded with being a tattoo artist is frowned upon and even illegal in some countries. It is illegal to give or receive a tattoo in North and South Korea unless you are a certified Doctor. If found guilty, you can be punished with jail time. However, in South Korea there is the Korean Tattoo Artist Association (KTAA) that is fighting for the rights of local artists. It is also illegal in Iran as the government sees it as a form of devil-worshiping.

I’m Iranian and I guess I don’t recall any of my family members or Persian friends with tattoos. Below, is a picture of a Persian male getting an underground tattoo in Iran. Iranians can have their rights stripped away, such as applying for a drivers licence, if found with a tattoo. Other countries like Japan and Vietnam highly frown upon it…though it is not illegal. 1393511165 The art of tattooing was initially used for spiritual art but was frowned upon over time as tattoo became associated with labeling criminals. In Japan, Some gyms, bath houses and resorts have signs that deny access to those with tattoos.



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