WEEK 8 – Artist(s) of the Week – Street Photography

Layla Hadidi 

July 24,2016

Philip-Lorca diCorcia

diCorcia hit a low point in his life before he started his career as artist. After experiment with drugs he started his passion for photography and attended art school in Boston. His early work was primary set in motel rooms. He started by picking up male prostitutes in the streets of LA and would pay the going rate for their ‘services’ but would instead use the subjects for his photographs. Dicorcia’s creates unique photography why utilizing sources such as artificial lighting and set design. He aims to create photos that look like film but are still able to capture the environment or events that were occurring with more cinematic style. In most of his work,  there is a lack of lighting that creates a dim background in the photo that bring drama and feelings into the art; then he typically uses another smaller source of light, like an open fridge or a car’s headlight, to imitate a natural spotlight.     







 Garry Winogrand

Born in the Bronx, New York, Winogrand lived a short 56 years but left his mark in photography for life. He wrote four books, worked as a photojournalist, advertising photographer, but was most well known for his street photography. During the 1960s, he defined and influenced street photography as it is today. His work was influence by focusing on social issues and perspective on what is like to live in America.Winogrand had several well known series of work such as The Animals, 1963. In these photos you see both animals and humans in the same scene. In an interview he describes what influenced his art; he took numerous photos, mostly of his children, after a long day at the zoo. He would occasionally take a photo of the animals withou
t thinking much of it and “at some point I realized something was going on in some of those pictures, so then I worked at it.” Many people analyze his work and see so much meaning by mixing animals and humans. He is able to succeed at humanizing the animals and dehumanize humans.



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