The Forty Part Motet (2001), a sound installation by Janet Cardiff is one of her most recognized pieces. It is designed with 40 speakers that are scientifically positioned to play Spem in alium numquam habui by composer Thomas Tallis. She describes the purpose of this piece is to allow the listeners to live in the present and exercise the emotions that go along with this intricate song; it is also a great way to release emotions. After watching a short clip I was able to see — or download (2)should I sa
y hear — the powerful work in action and fully understand how influential it is.

The artist described the time when The Forty Part Motet set up in New York shortly after 9/11 and people would come and cry as the musicology played and they stared into the city. It was a powerful piece during a difficult time. The fact that the art can create different reactions in different location and time period is also interesting. This was only one of of her many pieces.images (1)

She also worked closely with her husband, George Bures Miller. The couple created several audio installations together. One of my personal favorites is The Secret Hotel (2005) because I love scary/horror/thriller entertainment. The Secret Hotel is a replica of a haunted house. Unqualified noises surround you as you climb lip each set of stairs and hallways  “lined with wallpaper reminiscent of an old American hotel from ‘The Shining'”. You can even even buy this art soundtrack on vinyl from Amazon — to fufill all your thriller needs!


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