Week 6 – Activity – landscape with a corpse 

Layla Hadidi 

July 3, 2016

Izima Kaoru was the inspiration for this weeks activity. This scene was exciting for me because I’ve never experienced this kind of art, to imagine yourself dead. This makes the artist/photographer to really come up with different scenarios of themselves in a state that we all avoid thinking about–death.

Initially, I assumed that it was Kaoru in the landscape with a corpse series but learn that Kaoru is a man and the photos were taken of an actress. Kaoru incorporated fashion and celebrities in his photography and asks each to create their perfect death. Izima Kaoru creates a rare opportunity to see one’s own death, and then get up and walk away from it.

My perfect death probably would have included drowning in a pool of Nutella but I was too limited on resources to accomplish this.

 Instead, I thought more of what scares me, how wouldn’t I like to die. I guess I was kind of still thinking about Marina Abramović and how she would do things that made her uncomfortable — this is what life was really about. I live alone so occasionally I consider what would happen if I died in my apartment and no one knew I was dead.  

I appreciated how Kaoru create a simple background of some sort to make the corpse ‘pop’ or stand out in the photo. I ended up buying a couple of feather pillows and emptying them out of my living room floor, co wrong every inch. I then proceeded to wear my favorite knee high black boots and a fur vest to create a celebrity/cinema feel. 

I took the photos on a timer or selfie; I know that if I had someone helping me I would have achieved more unique angles but it was still a success, except, for the mess I made in my living room. It has taken me three days to clean up all the feathers in my apartment. 


2 thoughts on “Week 6 – Activity – landscape with a corpse ”

  1. Incredible Layla! Really great work. Thanks for the thoughtfulness, the intensity, and for the nerve to make such a mess in your living room! The Nutella would have been pretty cool. This was great!

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