Week 4: Artist of the Week — Francesca Woodman


“Woodman’s gift made her a talent. Her insight and drive made her a visionary. Her youth and beauty made her an idol. Her untimely death made her a legend. “

Francesca Woodman left her mark as a photographer with artwork that contains melancholy or even gothic tone that is expressed through color (or lack there of) and dimensions created from the lighting. She was exposed to art as a child because her parents were both artists. She studied at Boulder, Colorado and sometimes traveled to Rome where much of her work blossomed.

Self portrait Francesca Woodman at age 13.


Even though here photos are black and white, you still see a lot of texture and dimensions. She was able to create ghost-like images by blurring lines and stretching shapes.562eb0a21400002b003c92f3.jpg Her photos are not intended to be froma specific moment of time but instead a blurred timeline. Also, nude and black and white photos have been a common combination in her photography. The artist uses black and white to take emphasis away from eroticism. I believe what defines a great piece of art work is when you are able to look at it and the art has the power to make the viewer feel the emotion that was used to create the art.  Woodman has over 10,00 prints that are not collected by her parents but as you flip through her work, an aura  of heaviness that keeps weighing you down. A darkness that creates a sense of mystery or even death.

With over 8oo photo published, this artist committed suicide at 22 years young. “Though she had few opportunities to show work during her life, Woodman has been the subject of numerous posthumous solo exhibitions, including at the Museum of Modern Art San Francisco, the Guggenheim Museum, and the Fondation Cartier, among others.”






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