Week 4 Activity — Sunken City Graffiti

After two days, I was ready to buy some spray paints and practice tagging again. Only a 22 minute drive from Downtown Long Beach is unique cliff side landslide of a previous homes and bungalows from 1922. After attempting to build  luxurious homes along the Pacific coast, the land where the homes were built on  experienced a visible shift towards the ocean of about 11 inches every day. What is left are concrete slabs that are accessible by hoping over a few short fences — that’s right. This are is technically not a legal are but at the same time, it is not enforced. You will see lots of active graffiti artists though out the day who come and go while co workers above pay no attention.

view from the top of the cliff

As you head down a few hills towards the water, pick a slab you want to tag and begin.  I started with a black background and tagged with bright colors over it. I did try to sketch it out with paint on the canvas before I filled them in to give me a more precise perspective of how it would fill the space. While practicing, I learned that the speed of how quick you move the can or the angle you hold it can all affect the outcome of your lines. I did meet more artists out here. Several people ask for photos or videos of you while you paint. Random YouTube Video of Me that a fan posted on YouTube (click blue hyperlink).

first tag of the day

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