Week 3 Artist of the Week: Lady Pink 

“Sandra Fabara, known as the “first lady of graffiti,” was the only girl in the burgeoning subway-bombing graffiti subculture of 1980–85, when her teenage work, under the name Lady Pink, could be seen throughout the city”

— Noteworthy graduates: Lady Pink, graffiti & fine artist. (2013, December 19).

            Inspiration began after watching the documentary ‘Bomb It’ about the history of the controversial art of graffiti. Director, Jon Reiss, exposes different perspectives of graffiti and how it has evolved over generations. Lady Pink, a featured female artist in the documentary stood out as she was one of the first women who played a significant role in graffiti and mural art work. Her journey began with a broken heart as she would tag her boyfriends name.

thOAYKTXIQShe started her art education at High School of Art and Design is a Career and Technical Education high school in Manhattan, New York City. Here she was exposed to graffiti art as young as the age of fifteen and eventually joining crew such as TC5 (The Cool 5) and TPA (The Public Animals) crews.

Sandra Fabara stands out from the other graffiti artists or muralist; she is known as the ‘first lady of graffiti’ by being the one of the only women duringthQUTTPYAE the 1980’s. She inspired me with her independent feminist personality. She describers her experience in an interview as a female in a male dominated world. “It was absolutely impossible…No women had much success breaking into the boys’ club. That’s just the nature of what the boys’ club are. Women are excluded, we couldn’t get into sports, positions of power, we were still struggling with all of that. It was a sign of the times that it was impossible. Women were not taken seriously at all.” She further explained her fast track to being famous due to being one of the only females. She inspires me to be a creative female artist a prove that you don’t have to a male to be successful in the graffiti/mural industry.


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