Week 3 Activity: Graffiti @Venice Beach

       Inspiration began after watching the documentary ‘Bomb It’ about the history of the controversial art of graffiti. Director, Jon Reiss, exposes different perspectives of graffiti and how it has evolved over generations. Lady Pink, a featured female artist in the documentary stood out as she was one of the first women who played a significant role in graffiti and mural art work. Her journey began with a broken heart when she was separated from her boyfriend and expressed her grief by bombing his name.

I could see myself in Lady Pink’s shoes when she told her story and was inspired by how she expressed her intense emotions through tagging. I got chance to attempt my first tag at Venice Beach, CA where you can find a series of designated, legal walls intended for the display of graffiti. Between the police station and the skatepark, you see severs active artists tagging their spot on the concrete.

As a beginner, I learned a lot my first day out. The use of contrasting colors, bold lettering, consistent lines and dimensions are some key characteristics to making your lettering stand out. Not only that, the brand or type of paint also makes a noticeable different in the quality of the color and overall image. I was to speak to some more experienced artists who were also out tagging. They were quick to recommend brands like Mimg_2941ontana for a quick solid cover or Ironlak for paint that won’t drip.

I learned about not only about the actually art but the artists and the culture that come with graffiting.

Here is the work of the artist, Bugs, tagging the name of a lost loved one AMER. Bugs has been a part of the graffiti game for 36 years. Immediately these experienced artist provided with me with helpful insight about paints and even gave me some tips for my paint cans.


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